Why Airbrush Makeup?   Airbrush makeup is a lightweight form of makeup that gives you flawless coverage while leaving it look as if you weren't wearing any makeup at all! Who doesn't want that?!  It will cover discoloration, uneven skin tone, blemishes, acne scaring, dark circles and tattoos. It is applied with a small hand held gun and applied in the form of air. The finish can be thin or heavy depending on desired application. It stands up to the test of time and looks great on camera. Airbrush is commonly used in the photography industry as well as TV/Movie production. 

How long does it last?   Airbrush makeup lasts up to 18 hours. This lasts all day long leaving your makeup smudge free and humidity is not a threat! Once it is sprayed onto the skins it sets immediately! No drying time, no sticky feeling after and no need to set with powder when you are done! Regular foundation can become sticky, feel cakey and you have to touch it up every few hours while airbrush makeup will last all day! Traditional makeup does not adhere to skin while airbrush does. It is non-transferable, any rubbing or brushing up against someone or something it will not rub off!  LESS makeup for MORE coverage!