Beauty Tips for Your Big Day...


Often brides ask, "Should I have clean or dirty hair?" I always recommend washing it the night before. If you are using a conditioner, make sure it is light. We want to make sure your hair won't be weighed down by any heavy products. Make sure it is clean of hair spray and all other products.


Morning of wedding, have a clean, fresh face. Your skin should be clear of oils and makeup from the day before, so we can work with an even canvas and give you your dream makeup look. :-)


Exfoliate your lips the night before. This will help your lip color last longer throughout the day.


DO NOT get a spray tan the night before! To give it time to lighten up and blend naturally, it is best to do it 1 week before. 


Any waxing on face should be done a few days in advance. Incase there is any redness or irritation, we want to be sure your face recovers and heals in a timely manor.


Carry blotting paper in your clutch or purse. This is called a "shine check."  Throughout the day remove the natural oil you will get over top of your makeup. You will not "wipe" you will "blot." Dab off any perspiration before with a tissue, then use the blotting paper and blot the shine. If you wipe, there are chances of wiping off your makeup. 


Drink a lot of water - water is the best thing for your skin! Diet can change a persons skin. You may want to consider a healthier diet to help improve your skin and to know it will be in best condition for your big day! If you notice your skin has changed due to stress a few weeks before the wedding, try doing a mask once a week until then. There are masks for oily, dry, or combination skin. 


Feel free to ask any additional questions! Getting married is one of the most special days of your entire life and you want to be sure you feel like a million bucks! Looking forward to hearing from you.  :-)



  The next time you think of beautiful things, don't forget to count yourself in ..